2014 Pride of Dakota Holiday Showcases November 12 2014

Hello everyone! We have been super busy around TBird lately so I'm a little late getting our dates out for the Pride of Dakota Holiday Showcases this year. We just finished up with Grand Forks this last weekend. It was great to see all the old faces and of course the new ones! We sure did have a blast. Our next show will be in Fargo on November 21st(4pm-9pm), 22nd(9am-5pm), and 23rd(11am-4pm). Our last and final POD show for the holiday season will be December 5th (4pm-9pm), 6th(9am-5pm), and 7th(11am-4pm). We hope to see all of our wonderful customers there helping support North Dakota small business's! Have a great Thanksgiving and Holiday season!


Tbird Gals!